Health & Safety for Schools


Hispanglia Culture & Trips is committed to ensuring that all reasonable measures are taken in order to assure our clients a high level of safety throughout their stay in Spain.

We achieve this by:

  • Establishing and maintaining our Safety Policy consistent with the advice contained on the HASPEV report (Health and Safety of Pupils on Educational Visits) and meeting the requirements of the DfES guidelines.
  • Ensuring our suppliers fully comply with the EU legislation where applicable and with the national or local government regulations in regard to hygiene, fire and other safety standards.
  • Measuring and reviewing our performance within the terms of safety standards.
  • Carrying out reviews and inspections on our suppliers on a regular basis, at least once a year.
  • Keeping up to date with safety requirements and best practices applicable to the provision of our trips.


Hispanglia requires that all the centres comply, as a minimum, with EU legislation where applicable and with national or local government regulations regarding fire, hygiene and safety standards. Centres are also required to hold any necessary licenses or operating certificates and a policy of public liability insurance, copies of which they are required to produce to us.

Having these high standards in mind, our accommodation centres hold the ISO 9001, the ISO 14001, the AENOR certification on Environmental Management, the Q stamp on Tourist Quality and are also part of the EMAS (Environmental Management Audit Scheme).


As a travel agency, Hispanglia is able to reserve and obtain tickets for the most appropriate flights for you.

We only work with reliable coach companies who comply with EU legislation where applicable and with national and local government regulations.

Our coach operators have passed our risk assessment successfully, and they also have recognised quality certifications, like the ISO 9001. All vehicles are licensed for school transport.


Hispanglia has carried out health and safety checks on all the excursions, visits and activities which we offer in our programmes. Furthermore, we prepare an outline of any possible remaining risks with the appropriate risk control measures that we include for schools, teachers, parents and students in our tour booklet. This important component of our service also includes a personalised advice on health and safety in Spain.

To ensure the smooth running of your trip and the safety and security of your group at all times, we will be available for you 24 hours a day through our direct telephone.