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Andalusia, with its many wonderful sights and attractions in monumental cities like Seville, Granada and Cordoba, is a great destination for any school trip. Hispanglia includes all the essential elements of a successful tour at great prices.In our itineraries we include town trails where students discover about the culture and the language, talking to native speakers. Visits to the popular markets and food tasting are also part of our programmes.

We are specialists in Andalusia and we offer schools a wide range of local places avoiding the sites for tourists.

  • One free staff place for ten full paying travellers
  • Reliable transportation
  • Based in Andalusia, we provide 24-hour emergency service
  • Expert educational tour directors.
  • Learn and have fun with our interactive town trails.
  • Wide choice of museums and monuments
  • Guided tours pitched at the group’s needs
  • Entrance to Theme Parks
  • Enjoy the Spanish flavour: Tapas tasting, chocolate con churros and Flamenco workshops
  • All-inclusive prices with no hidden costs

Please contact us to find out how we can create an itinerary that includes the right combination of excursions and activities to suit the age and needs of your students.

Design your own trip choosing what suits you best!

How many and which Andalusian cities do you want to visit? Granada, Seville, Malaga ? How many villages do you want to see? How many museums would you like to explore? What about going to a theme park? Are there any sports you’d like to play? Or perhaps you have some other ideas.

Hispanglia has the answers.
As specialists in Andalusia, we can offer you a wide range of choices: from the length of your trip, to the Andalusian cities or other towns and villages you would like to visit, to the activities you would like to do. We will provide you with a travel guide depending on your destination to create a trip tailor-made.
Just contact us and let us know what you want to include in the programme.