About us

Based in Malaga, Hispanglia Culture & Trips is a dynamic group of professionals with a wide experience in language teaching and tourism, as well as a passion for travelling.

Having divided our time between both countries for many years, we have an in-depth knowledge of British and Spanish culture. We are also excellent communicators in both English and Spanish.

This expertise, together with the experience accumulated after several years teaching Spanish in British secondary schools and colleges, means that we are highly qualified to offer schools and colleges an innovative, comprehensive, and educational trips to Andalusia, Spain.

We also provide flexible cultural trips for further education where you can choose from a broad range of activities to make your own DIY itinerary and Spanish Summer Courses specialised for A Level student wanting to boost their Spanish before their exams.


Our name came from the idea of breaking down cultural barriers between Spain and the UK. As language specialists, we turned to Latin, our common language, and merged “Hispania“, with “Anglia (the respective Latin names of our two countries). By adopting this new word for our company,we wanted to show how educational trips can bring our two different cultures together.

We also added culture & trips” to our name because this is what we deliver: our trips are not just tourist itineraries where you visit the main sights, you immerse yourselves in the Spanish way of life.