CF: St Peter´s High School , Judy Vertannes


“We had a fantastic experience with Hispanglia. We were so impressed by the way the itinerary gave students the opportunity to really engage with the people and country. I do not think any other company offers such an authentic experience of Spain for the young visitor. The students were completely swept up by the activities and events, learning culture, history and traditions as well practising language. The tourdirector expertise were evident and they related extremely well to her. Yet she was always thoroughly professional and well organised. Furthermore the students have had brilliant value for their money when you consider the range of visits and tasting opportunities provided.The students are ready and eager to return to Spain next year – the real proof of their marvellous experience!!”

St Peter´s High School
Judy Vertannes

5 days Cultural Trip to Malaga
March 2015

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